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International Opportunities: A New Meaning for your Future

Yes, with international opportunities, your future can take on a whole new meaning. You can leverage your talent and skills to work anywhere in the world and make your career like a constant eye opening vacation instead of a day by day crawling trudge to the same office, in the same city, with the same faceless people.

How does one do this? How does one get to work in those beautiful and challenging places? We will share with you how we have done this.

You, too, can do it! Stop planning a 3 week vacation and start planning a new life working in new countries with new cultures and ideas wrapped all around you. Be a part of the expanding international community that builds bridges across every continent.

Top Gadget for the International Road:
Don’t Leave Home without it.

african-development-bank-b0de0When you’re on assignment, you can carry a whole library of your favorite books, maybe those you need for work or just for the enjoyment of reading. You will not be carrying a suitcase of them but just the equivalent of one book in space and weight. You can download the latest books you can’t find in the bookstores of whatever city you happen to be in.

Which City do you want to work in?
Is this your dream?

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones. You get a job in the city you dream of living in. Maybe some are luckier as they discover cities they never dreamed about but went where the international opportunities are and found their dream place. Sometimes you have to serve days in Nepalganj to get to work in Paris.

Stop dreaming. List the countries you are interested in. Group these countries by regions. Go to their embassies if these are close to you and get all the information you can about working there. What do you need to know if you want to work there? How easy is it to find jobs in those cities? countries? regions? Ask them for contacts in your area of expertise. Remember, you have an expertise you can always improve. So, find out where the need is and upgrade in that area.

Is international development your interest?
Development banks and development agencies offer many opportunities.

ceeaf6555e8e741e348cbe71c72bf04aCheck out the websites of the following regional development banks. In these you will find information on the jobs most needed in those countries or regions you have chosen. Some of these regional development banks are: Asian Development Bank, InterAmerican Development Bank, African Development Bank and, of course, the World Bank.

You can also find in their sites the companies that are constantly bidding on international projects. Send your cv to these companies as they are constantly looking for consultants to include in their bid. You need to be in their data base as they search for matching skills when the bids come out and most of the time, they have to come up with their bids within a short time frame. Besides, they bid on projects all the time and if you have the skills, chances are you will be contacted.

If you have all the time, constantly check the sites of these banks and you will see the companies short listed for projects opened for bidding. Give these companies a gentle nudge of your strong interest to be part of the bid or send them your cv if you have not yet done so. These regional banks also recruit individual consultants so send them your cv as well.

There are other non-governmental organizations working internationally like the Red Cross, Save the Children, OXFAM, Aide et Action and many others. The United Nations has its agencies such as UNDP,UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, ILO and many more that constantly offer international jobs. Go to their local offices in your area and find out about their programs.

You can first volunteer with VSO or the Peace Corps just to get experience. Start searching for international development organizations in your area. They, too, have a network they might connect you to. You will be amazed at how all these work.

Why not try international consulting?
Opportunities abound:

Read the Economist Magazine or the International Herald Tribune for international jobs advertised there. You don’t need to have a PhD to do for some of the consulting jobs. They need people who have the skills and who can work well with people.

The international development organizations mentioned in the previous module all offer international consulting opportunities. But the private sector has plenty of opportunities for international consulting. Make sure you have the necessary internationally recognized certification. When you have the skills in demand worldwide, you will be able to choose the jobs you like and the cities, too. So, update those skills. Learn more skills.